When we are young, we never expect our parents to get old, and because of this, we are typically not prepared for their needs in their elderly years. Taking care of your parents is a stressful task for both you and your parents. The stress is often the hardest part about caring for aging parents. Taking care of your aging parents can be summed up into making sure your parents are healthy and happy, managing your emotions, and maintaining your relationship. In this article, we will answer your questions; how to take care of elderly parents, how to get elderly parents to accept help, how to care for aging parents, and how you can access support for your elderly parents.

3 Most Helpful Tips

  1. Make Your Parents’ Lives as Independent as Possible
  2. Take Advantage of Senior Services
  3. Acknowledge Your Emotions and Be Patient
  1. Make Your Parents’ Lives as Independent as Possible

This will ensure they can live a happy and healthy life. Also, their independence will reduce the amount of time you are required to care for them, therefore, minimizing your stress levels.

Try implementing some of the suggestions below;

  • Ensure easy access to the basement or upper floor
  • Build ramps
  • Create safe access to the bathroom, bathtub, or shower
  • Apparent tripping hazards such as exposed cords, carpets, and unkept outdoor walkways
  • Access to emergency contact information around the home
  • Create a transportation plan
  • Create a meal plan
  1. Take Advantage of Senior Services

Receiving partial or full assistance with your parents’ care comes down to what will work best for your circumstance. If your parents do not need various medical care, then senior services will be excellent for you. Many people do not know that senior services are very affordable since they generally do not provide medical services. What they do is make it easier for you and your family to take care of your parents by running errands, maintaining their home, or providing companionship (and much more). If your family budget is limited, then partial senior services are probably best for you. If you are a very busy person, then maybe a comprehensive senior service is what you need. The main factors to consider are; how much money is in your budget, how much of your time are you willing to put towards caregiving, and of course, how much can you do without sacrificing your own mental and physical health. You need a solution that will address these three factors.

  1. Acknowledge Your Emotions and Be Patient

Acknowledging your mental and emotional health needs gives your parents and yourself a higher quality of life while creating a sustainable caregiving solution. If you want this to work, you must acknowledge your emotions and be patient. It is so easy to get frustrated or short with our elderly parents no matter the circumstances. However, this only leaves our parents and us feeling upset. As you navigate this new season in their lives, your relationship may suffer, which is the last thing you want to happen. Some emotional difficulties you may need to address are guilt, sadness, anxiety and stress, hopelessness, anger, and resentment.

That being said, if you need further mental health guidance or if your parents have a mental illness, click the link below to learn of the services provided by the province of Ontario in regards to caregiving: https://ontario.cmha.ca/documents/support-for-families-and-caregivers/


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